“Making Connections” on Wisconsin Rapids Community Media

Misty talks with Tom Loucks about how her writing career brought her from her hometown of Wisconsin Rapids to Muscatine, IA, the inspiration she’s found, and the books she’s published along the way.

Misty talks with Don Wooten and Roald Tweet on Scribble, a program about writing and the literary arts airing on Quad Cities 90.3 FM

“How to Be a Novelist in 10 Easy Steps” at Innate Plethora

4. Cultivate family and friends. Have an active social life. This will provide you with great material for your stories.

Carla Sarrett’s Blog

I like stories that are about subtle shifts, usually the realization that there’s no way out—or there’s only one way out, and it’s not pretty.

“Wrestling with Every Word” at

If you could inhabit the setting of one book, where would you live and why?

The fairy wood in Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Author Spotlight at Wordsy Woman Author Services

In which the author shares some lessons she’s learned from marketing—things to steal, and things not to try.

“Friday Five” series by author E.D. Martin

What are three things on your bucket list?

Wear the Crown Jewels, swim with sharks, and breathe fire.

Write Up Newsletter from author Teresa LaBella

I am that unfortunate type of person who processes the world through writing; it’s how I make sense of my experiences and get a handle on my emotions. Most of my short stories come from an emotional tangle I want to pursue, an impossible situation I want to explore.

“Writing to Distraction,” Cedar Rapids Gazette

Writers tend to have their favorite themes and obsessions, and mine is grief. The grief of losing someone, the grief of not having something you want, or the grief of not feeling like you belong in your own skin . . .Grief is so interesting, in all its layers, its complexity, its power to haunt or ennoble us.