Creative Nonfiction

“Myth, Personal Associations with” in New Flash Fiction

“Kelly” in Sad Girls Club

“March 11, 2010” in PAST TEN

“Making Humans” in Cleaver Magazine

Nominated for a Best of the Net Award

“My Sister Passes Me On A Bench At The Zoo” in River Teeth’s Beautiful Things

On a bench in the zoo a girl walks past me wearing my sister’s face—my sister’s smooth, pre-teen face, before acne, before irony, before the long humped shuffle of illness.

Nominated for a Best of the Net Award and a Pushcart Prize

“On Reading the Letters of Sylvia Plath, Vol. 2” in 3Elements

I weep for a woman who killed herself fifty-five years before this. Oh, Sylvia, Sylvia, leave him. Come to Ireland with me. We will milk cows and knit sweaters and climb wild craggy hills where the wind sucks us clean, and we will bring armloads of heather home to our babies. Ireland would save you, I think.

2019 Foreword INDIES Silver Winner

“C Section Blues, or, the Biopsychosocial Model for Perinatal Mood Disorder” in My Caesarean: Twenty Mothers on the C-Section Experience and After, edited by Amanda Field and Rachel Moritz, afterword by Maggie Smith (The Experiment, 2019)

“An incredibly important, gorgeously written, multifaceted, and profound collection.”

—Maggie Smith, award-winning author of Good Bones

“Protrusions” in New Flash Fiction Review

They’re called mandibular tori, and yes, since you’re asking, they do hurt, a little, often, not in a take-me-to-the-dentist-immediately way but in an ongoing, low-grade, what-can-you-do-but-learn-to-live-with-it kind of way.

“Walking the Labyrinth on My Almost Birthday” in  Literary Mama