Historical Romance

1799 Wales

1776 London and southern England

San Francisco 1849


Late Georgian romance published by Oliver Heber Books


…tell anyone about her past, or theirs.

Gwen can’t bear to turn away those who come to St. Sefin’s seeking aid; the crumbling priory gave her shelter when she had nothing else.

But the badly beaten man who just washed up in Newport is the viscount who owns the place–the same viscount who threatened to evict her and those she cares about unless she meets an impossible demand.

At the moment, he can’t remember anything…including his own name.

What’s one more lie?


…meddle in the affairs of a duke.

The illegitimate son of a duke, Malden Grey has learned to live by his wits, and Amaranthe fears his sharp eye will detect that she doesn’t always earn her living by honest means. But when Mal’s young half-siblings turn to Amaranthe for domestic advice, she becomes deeply implicated in life at Hunsdon House, and against her better judgment, Malden Grey steals her heart—even while she’s plotting to steal the Hunsdon MS, an irreplaceable book that can make her fortune.

Amaranthe’s explorations yield a document that changes Mal’s fate, and as they fight together in a court of law to clear her name and establish his identity, they see a path opening to a future together—if they are brave enough to choose it.


…make a suitable bride for an earl.

Though she’s quite willing to call in a favor, especially if he’s a childhood friend, and there’s little–very little–chance she will start another scandal.

Run away to Gold Rush San Francisco

She will do anything to save her family

When an odious neighbor insists on marriage to clear the debts her uncle left behind, Lady Vivienne Marrack has only one option: flee civilized England for the wilds of California to track down her wayward parents. But when she finds her mother ill and her father missing in the gold fields, Vivienne makes a choice no lady would make: dancing incognito at one of the rough saloons serving the even rougher mining crowd.

He will do anything claim her

Marquis Domino has one future: marry the Spanish bride his Californio family has found for him so he can protect the Domino lands from being taken by the new American government. But waiting at the docks for his intended, Marc is captured by an emerald-eyed beauty who could make him forget his duty. But a Domino could never marry a saloon dancer, and Vivienne can’t stay in the new California. Do they dare give into passion when their promises to others will tear them apart?

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