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A Tropical Holiday Duet: two holiday novellas from Boroughs Publishing Group

When world-class diver Anton Olivier made a fool of her in the south of France, Saba Sweet fled as fast as she could to the furthest place she could find: a luxury resort in the Seychelles that needed her managerial expertise.

So guess who walks in, right before Christmas, with his dive gear and a cocky smile.

She should send him right back out before he has the chance to humiliate her again. But if he wants a second chance, does she dare to dive in and see where this goes?

He’s an A-list Hollywood director who makes gripping blockbuster films and takes his mom to premieres.

She’s trying to get her life together after a divorce.

He doesn’t do relationships.

She doesn’t play make-believe.

There’s no future together. They can’t seem to stay apart. But what happens when a fling becomes a thing? And what can she do when his life holds more risks than she knows about, and she stands to lose what little she has left?

Timothy Kay first appears in the contemporary fantasy My Day As Regan Forrester:

Winner of a BookFest Book Award!

A Midwestern mom wakes up one morning as a hot young Hollywood starlet – and discovers she got the bad end of a body-swapping bargain.

Beth Barony is content with her middle-class, Middle America life. Really, she is. But she makes a tiny, secret birthday wish for more excitement in her life . . . and wakes up the next morning as Regan Forrester, a troubled young actor known for her rebellious smolder and empty head.

What could be more fun than playing a Hollywood princess for a day?

But Regan’s life isn’t at all glamorous. Her boyfriend is controlling and her apartment is a dump. While Beth scrambles to preserve Regan’s shaky career and tenuous relationships, Regan gleefully steals Beth’s husband, students, kids, and friends. And as the spell that switched them starts to unravel, Beth realizes why Regan wanted to escape her life: someone is trying to kill her.

If Beth doesn’t find a way to save both their lives, neither woman will have a life to go back to.

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