Historical Fiction WorkshopI. Workshop this weekend!

I am looking forward to sharing some tips and tricks I’ve learned, and learning from the experience of other participants. There’s still time to sign up here.


II.  Book!book

I am delighted to announce that the volume I am co-editing with Melissa Ridley Elmes and Deva Fall Kemmis, Melusine’s Footprint: Tracing the Legacy of a Medieval Myth, is under contract with Brill as part of their Explorations in Medieval Culture series, under the aegis of series editor Larissa Tracy. The volume collects essays from scholars all over the world analyzing the impact that our favorite medieval fairy/serpent/dragon-woman had on her own time and what she continues to mean to subsequent ages, including ours. It’s been a wonderful journey so far, an exciting subject, and we are very glad that such a respected and high-quality publisher wants to take Melusine under their wing. We look forward to great things!

MedeaIII. Medea!

Speaking of women and dragons, I’ll be in Little Rock, Arkansas, next week talking about William Caxton’s History of Jason on a panel sponsored by the Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship at the annual Southeastern Medieval Association conference. I know what you’re thinking: is this the same Medea who killed her brother, killed her sons, killed her husband’s uncle and drove his cousins to suicide, and then wiped out an entire wedding feast at Corinth when her husband tried to marry someone else? Yes, that is she, and I’ll be presenting her fascinating story–and some ideas about why medieval feasts are dangerous places–in a panel Friday afternoon. Stop by if you’re in town!

Three Good Things

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