This is the first review of A Lesson in Manners to be published in an actual news venue, and alongside it an interview with me, the author, so forgive me for being a little over-excited. But Manners is in the Books section of The Cedar Rapids Gazette! Reviewer Rob Cline finds the book shot through with longing and “lovely from beginning to end,” and the “characters, in even the briefest of the stories, . . . fully realized, their hopes, fears, and disappointments vital on the page.” You can read the review here, and the interview here. I’ll have more to say when I come back from my trip around the moon.

First review + interview live today!

One thought on “First review + interview live today!

  • June 13, 2016 at 11:46 am

    Misty, aside from the glorious accompishment of completeing and publishing your book, both the review and interview are outstanding!
    The interview was wonderful, but your interview responses were an erudite and passionate lesson in writing. Your varied literary works, and future, are stellar!


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